What Are The Advantages of Using Enclosed Car Shipping Services?

Auto-shipping companies is making their huge way into the US market for years now. It is because people are worried about their expensive belongings and want to ship them safely and securely. As there are two types of transportation used, an enclosed one is considered to be the most reliable and less worrisome.

The difference between open and enclosed transport is mainly due to pricing. Open transport is less expensive, but if you want to have peace of mind, then paying some extra money for enclosed transportation will be worth it. This is much better for your high-end, antique and classic cars that need extra precaution.

As it is natural that uncertainties can be near you at anytime, thus adding an extra precaution can be helpful to you. In such situations, many shipping companies do offer enclosed car transportation services that will keep your car safe the entire journey and deliver it to you on time. You can contact Ship A Car Inc. and get a quote for these shipping services. They are a well-known shipping company that has been providing services for a decade now.

Advantages Of Using Enclosed Car Shipping Services

  1. Safe loading: Vehicles like sports cars have front spoilers and sit low on the grounds are low clearance vehicles and there is a higher risk of scrapping at the underside of the car in an open carrier due to steep angles of the onramp. You also have an option of hydraulic lifts that can let you carry the vehicle inside the carrier.
  2. Less risk of damage: Enclosed vehicles are covered on all four sides. Therefore, your vehicle is protected from any kind of external elements. This will give you some peace of mind while your vehicle is been carried to the destination.
  3. Specialized services: Most of the enclosed trucks have drip pans between the upper and the lower levels that can prevent transmission fluids. Also, some of them provide white glove services which means giving extra protection to your car and giving proper updates about the delivery 24/7. The even more expensive services will take extra care to tie up your car to the truck so that it doesn’t move and no damage is caused to the vehicle.
  4. Convenient pick-up and drop: With enclosed shipping services, you will also get the convenience of choosing your pick-up and drop-off locations, including the schedule. Most of the expensive cars cannot be driven to the industrial area of the town as it may not be safe. Similarly, vehicles like racing cars are made to be driven on the race track and not driven around the city or town.
  5. Privacy: With the enclosed transportation facilities, you can get privacy and peace of mind while transporting your luxury or unique cars. This will keep it away from prying eyes and give protection from the outside elements.

Enclosed transport is a very good option for moving your luxury cars from one place to another without any risk of damage caused to your vehicle. They will maintain the high-quality finishes including the detailing and the waxing.

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