Dolphin and Whale Watching in Tenerife

Discover the beauty of Tenerife with a dolphin and whale watching experience in the Atlantic Ocean. The Canary archipelago is famous for its picturesque views, making it the perfect place to see nature at its finest and witness dolphins playing around.

An Underwater World

Whale Encounters

  • Species Variety: There are many whale species that call Tenerife home, including large pilot whales and elusive humpback whales. Each sighting gives you a small look into their world.
  • Conservation Focus: To make sure these creatures can be seen for years to come, we make it a priority to always respect their environment during tours.

Dolphin Excursions

  • Interactive Experience: Playful and intelligent, dolphins are highly curious and known to approach boats. Watch as they surf in the bow wake, glide effortlessly through the water and playfully leap into the air.
  • Educational Insight: In addition to providing information on dolphin behaviour and their role in the ecosystem, guides share details about the conservation efforts in place to protect these beautiful creatures.

Navigating the Ocean Blue

Boat Trip Essentials

  • Customized Vessels: Designed with comfort and safety in mind, each boat features spacious viewing decks and interior cabins with large windows. Passengers can also head below to an underwater viewing area for a more interactive experience.
  • Expert Crew: From captains who know how to navigate the waters safely to guides who are passionate about what they do, passengers will be led by professionals every step of the way.

A Journey for Everyone

  • Family-Friendly: With something for all ages, these trips make for a great family outing. Children love dolphin tours just as much as adults do because it’s impossible not to appreciate these beautiful animals.
  • Group and Private Options: Whether you want a social trip with like-minded people or prefer a private experience where you can really zone in on nature’s beauty, both options are available.

Preserving the Marine World

There’s no doubt that Tenerife is committed to preserving its marine life. And visitors have a big part to play too — simply by choosing responsible tour operators they help support sustainable tourism efforts. By doing so we can work together towards keeping marine life safe while also ensuring that future generations can enjoy seeing these incredible animals with their own eyes.

An Unforgettable Adventure

Joining a dolphin watch tour or whale sighting tour gives you more than an activity for your vacation itinerary — it gives you an immersive experience with Mother Nature at her finest. The Atlantic Ocean delivers breathtaking views and unforgettable moments that will stay with you forever after your trip has concluded.

Consider Tenerife as the destination for your next vacation, and feel the unique beauty and excitement the island has to offer. It’s a place where the ocean comes alive and the wonders of nature open themselves up for you to see. Embarking on this adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you with much more than memories, it will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the marine world.

Embrace the Call of the Ocean

There’s something about being near an ocean that seems to call people back every time they get too far away. The waves crashing along the shorelines are like whispers in our ears, demanding that we answer them. It’s not hard to understand why — there is so much awe, beauty and raw power within those waters. That’s why you should always answer when the Argus calls.

The call of nature’s best can be answered by sailing on one of these tours in Tenerife today. As soon as you are aboard, don’t make any other plans besides enjoying your time. Because once we’re out at sea, you won’t be able to think about anything else except all of the awe-inspiring moments you’ll witness when dolphins and whales come out to play.

Yacht rental in Ibiza for boat trips in Ibiza

Synonymous with pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking landscapes, Ibiza has another gem that’s hidden in plain sight – boat trips. The island’s magic is multiplied when you experience it from the deck of a luxurious yacht, which is why yacht rental in Ibiza is a sought-after service for those who want to discover the Mediterranean’s secrets. And for people who want their boating experience to be top-tier and glamorous, check out

Exploring the coast

Every journey is unique when renters cater to various tastes.

  • Hidden beaches: These secluded spots are only accessible by sea, making them private and untouched.
  • Sunset cruises: There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset in Ibiza, and doing so while on a luxury yacht makes it even better.

No matter if you’re there for romance, family fun or parties with friends, every trip is an opportunity to make memories that’ll last forever.

Customize your trip

The beauty of renting a yacht in Ibiza lies in the fact that you can tailor every detail to your liking.

  • Itinerary: Want to see something specific? You can choose where you go. Famous destinations like Es Vedrà or the quiet northern shores are some of many options.
  • Yacht variety: Speedy yachts for small groups or large boats styled with elegance – whatever you need can be found on this island.

Adventure awaits

A rented yacht provides more than just transportation — it gives guests access to things they won’t find anywhere else.

  • Water sports gear: Many yachts provide equipment needed for diving, snorkeling or jet skiing through clear blue waters.
  • Exclusive access: Beach clubs and oceanside restaurants love having yachts tied up outside. Get in touch with them as they often have dockside access available only to customers traveling by boat.

Sustainability matters

Today’s world requires sustainable solutions. Yacht rentals in Ibiza have begun adopting eco-friendly practices, ensuring every yacht journey leaves a minimal environmental footprint.

An experience like no other

Renting a yacht in Ibiza is the only way to enjoy luxury, adventure and freedom all at once while exploring one of the most popular places the Mediterranean has to offer. Don’t think of it as just a trip on the sea, think of it as an opportunity to create moments that’ll be treasured forever. And for those who want to come along on this beautiful adventure, start by renting a yacht with Ibiza’s services.

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