What to consider while getting a robotic vacuum?


Are you considering a robotic vacuum for your household? They work well in most situations but may perform poorly in some, so it’s important to know what factors influence whether or not a robot vacuum will be effective in your home before committing to one of these machines. If you’re unsure about the best option for your needs, here are a few things to consider before getting your very own roborock vacuum:

Robot vacuums are expensive.

While robot vacuums are far more expensive than traditional ones, you get what you pay for. In this case, the investment is well worth it. Cheaper models are available, but they need to be better, clean, and more consistent.

You’ll be happy with a robot vacuum that costs less than $200 if it’s important to you not to spend too much on cleaning devices, but if having a clean home is essential to you, then there’s no question that it’s worth investing in an expensive model from the start.

Robot vacuums for pet owners.

If you own a pet, consider how well your robot vacuum will handle the task before purchasing one. As mentioned above, many models have unique features that help them pick up pet hair better than other vacuums.

However, if you want to be sure that your robot vacuum can handle the job and stay on top of picking up pet hair everywhere in your home, consider buying one with an extra attachment, like a rubber brush or crevice tool designed for picking up stubborn pet hairs.

You may also need to change the filter or wash out any hair caught by the brushes every so often, depending on how frequently you use yours and whether or not it’s still working correctly.

Robot vacuums require more maintenance.

Clean your robot vacuum regularly to ensure its parts remain working correctly for as long as possible, especially if you want to prolong its life span! Make sure to check its filter regularly. Clean them regularly with a vacuum brush.

Ensure to replace the filter when it gets clogged. Clean the dust bin regularly by removing dirt and debris from inside it, and make sure that it has enough space for collecting dirt from your floors every time you use your robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuums can be noisy.

You might be wondering how loud your roborock vacuum will be. While the actual noise levels can vary from model to model, it’s essential to remember that factors impact how loud the vacuum is.

Some of these factors include:

  • The type of motor used by the vacuum;
  • The flooring on which it is used;
  • The cleaning mode being used.
Robot vacuums may only work on some floor types.

Robot vacuums are designed for hardwood floors and tile, not carpets. The spinning brushes can be damaged by high-pile carpet, and the vacuum will lose suction over time. Robot vacuums sometimes might not work on parquet floors. This is because each piece of wood is different and has bumps and ridges that can throw off the sensors on a robot vacuum.


Getting a robot vacuum cleaner can be an exciting prospect, but it’s essential to remember what they are and aren’t capable of doing. They can do some things better than humans but still have limitations. Therefore, they sometimes may take time to troubleshoot/fix them before being able to use them again, but they are still a significant investment and worth all the money you spend on them.

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