Things To Consider Before Choosing Invisalign

A teeth aligner known as Invisalign is a preferable option for people who desire to have a beautiful and neat smile rather than wearing metal brackets and wires. However, several factors must be considered before opting for this treatment to ensure it is suitable for dental requirements. Below are some factors that one should consider before opting for Invisalign.

Consultation with a Dentist

Invisalign should be considered; however, one should consult a professional dentist first. They will examine your teeth and recommend whether you fit the Invisalign treatment. Although many orthodontic problems can be effectively addressed through Invisalign treatment, it is not suitable for severe and complex conditions. It is recommended to consult a dentist who can assess your case and suggest the best approach in line with your condition.

Commitment to Wearing Aligners

Invisalign retainers are worn on the teeth for approximately 20-22 hours per day for the aligners to work best. Such commitment is very important in order to accomplish the set objectives within the required time frame. If you feel you may forget them or want to remove them for hours or days, maybe for personal reasons, normal braces are preferable. Please bear in mind that the effectiveness of Invisalign depends on the ability you have to wear the aligners as directed.

Lifestyle Considerations

Another advantage of Invisalign is that these aligners can be removed and thus accommodate one’s lifestyle when it comes to eating, drinking, flossing, or brushing teeth. However, this also indicates that for you to meet the set schedule, you need to be disciplined in a way that you stick to the schedule set. It must be mentioned that you should floss and brush after every meal before the aligner is worn again to avoid tooth discoloration and harboring of bacteria. Because people snack throughout the day or if you can only brush after a meal or several times a day, this might be a drawback of Invisalign.

Treatment Duration

Compared to the traditional system of braces, Invisalign treatment may take less time for some patients; however, the time differs according to the degree of the dental problem. Conventionally, treatment could take between 12 months and 18 months. Depending on the particular dental treatment you choose, your dentist should inform you how long this treatment will take and whether you are willing to invest this time.

Cost Considerations

Esquire Invisalign may cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars more than braces. The cost differs depending on how severe the misalignment is and how long the patient will require the treatment. As for the cost discussion with your dentist, ensure to know if they have Invisalign and if your insurance covers it. Dental offices also allow the client to pay in installments or even offer to finance the payment.

Potential Discomfort

Some discomfort is usually experienced with any treatment that involves the use of braces, including Invisalign, especially when changing sets of aligners. This discomfort is normally short-lived and minor, but it is something that one needs to anticipate. Some over-the-counter drugs can be beneficial in reducing this discomfort, though it is wise to seek your dentist’s advice.

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