How to Have A Sponsored Post on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a photo or video-sharing platform for fun. Rather, you can earn from your posts, and many have made a career out of it. You can earn from Instagram, too; it’s available for anyone. But having a good number of followers is one of the primary conditions for it.

You can earn from your youtube channel as well. To grow your channel, you can take service from “” to buy subscribers and views.

In this article, you will get a proper guideline on how to have a sponsored post on Instagram.

How to Have A Sponsored Post on Instagram in 7 Steps

Before we start, you must remember that you need to have patience. Otherwise, you may give up soon. Check on today’s biggest social media influencers. They did not reach the height overnight. Patience and dedication brought them where they are today.

Define Yourself 

You can post anything on Instagram, but it is better not to do so. Instead, be constant on a niche. Define yourself with your posts. Show your audience, as well as brands, that you are an expert on a certain niche. It can be food, clothes, traveling, or any other thing. But be specific. It will help you get noticed by a brand related to your niche.

Know Your Audience

It is crucial to know about your audience. You must find out who are your loyal fans, whether it’s kids or adults, boys or girls, students or workers. It will help you deal with your clients as well, since different brands focus on different demographics.

Post Regularly

It is important to remain active on social media, especially on Instagram. There are so many content creators out there that if you get lazy, you will be forgotten by your audience. Active Instagram influencers usually do at least two posts daily. 

If your posts are reaching only a few people, keep going. Keep working with dedication. You will eventually reach your expectations. It is a proven fact that the more posts you share, the more engagement and reach you get.

Use Hashtags and Tags

Using hashtags is a good strategy to get noticed on Instagram. Both audiences and brands can find you quicker. You can also tag brands in your posts, which will increase your possibility of being spotted.

Must Include Your Contact Info on Your Bio

You should add your active contact info in your bio, or else brands won’t be able to contact you. Also, give some hints that you would love to collaborate with brands. You can add titles like “content creator”, “influencer,” “digital influencer,” etc. 

Reach Out to Brands

Do not hesitate to reach brands for paid sponsorship. Brands appreciate such moves. You can pitch your idea about how you can help them and why they should invest in you. Your pitching is very important here. Take your time to prepare a pitch, and it can take you to a new height.

Know Your Value

Understanding your worth is essential for getting sponsorship. You must ask for a reasonable rate for your service. If you ask more without logic, brands will lose interest in you. An Instagram influencer can charge from $10 to $1000 based on their influence and reach. 


Instagram has become a good option for brands to expand their business by reaching out to a wider audience. Instagram models or influencers help them in doing so. You can be the next breakout star by following properly our aforementioned tips on how to have a sponsored post on social media.

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