How Can You Maintain Water Purifying Filters?

A significant component of every water purifier is its filter. Most water purifiers use RO, UV, or UF filters. These also use carbon and sediment filtration systems. Like any appliance in this world, these filters also need proper maintenance.

However, most people in India do not know much about the ways to maintain these things. This often results in too many expenses for the average everyday person. One might also get tricked by dishonest technicians who end up giving low-quality service to them.

Therefore, it is essential for people in India to know how they can take care of filters. Surprisingly, there are simple tricks they can apply from home for this purpose. One can learn more about this online by using keywords like RO service near me in Ranchi.

Maintenance of RO Filters

Most people in India use purifiers having RO filters. These filters use a reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane can separate most solid and chemical impurities from water. One can take care of these membranes by washing and cleaning them.

By doing this, one can remove the accumulated impurities on the membrane. One must perform the cleaning process every six months. However, it will be helpful if one does it every 4 or 5 months.

A user also needs to replace the membrane when required. One can do this if the warranty of the filter expires. However, a person might also need to change the membranes if they suffer damage.

Generally, one needs to change the RO filters every 12 months. One can apply these tips for any RO filter regardless of the membrane type.

Maintenance of UF Filters

Another type of filter that uses membranes is the UF filter. These use an ultrafiltration membrane for purifying water. The membrane works in the same way as a reverse osmosis purifier. A person can wash and clean off the accumulated impurities on these membranes.

A person might also need to change the filters once the warranty expires. However, the period for changing might differ depending upon the membrane type. One can learn more about this online by using keywords like water purifier service in Ranchi.

Maintenance of UV Filters

A filter that is very different from others is the one that uses ultraviolet light. These use ultraviolet light to kill harmful microbes. The easiest way to maintain these is by replacing them once their warranty expires.

A person must also clean the UV quartz sleeve every six months. It will be better if a person replaces the sleeve every two years. However, it depends on the brand of the products and their efficiency.

A person can also maintain such filters by changing the pre-filters as well. This can help to prevent the filters from getting damaged. However, a person might need to contact a technician to repair the electrical components of the filter.

Maintenance of Pre and Post Filters

Pre and post-filtration systems consist of carbon and sediment-based filters. A person can maintain these filters by cleaning and washing them.

Constant cleaning and washing of these filters can remove most solid impurities. However, one must clean these every week if possible. This can help a user to use the same sediment and carbon filters for a long time.

Despite this, a person must replace the sediment and carbon filters when their warranty expires. However, the warranty periods might differ based on their brand or efficiency. Unlike most filters, these are reparable. However, one must still consider replacing these filters as it is always the better option.

Things to Remember Before Maintaining Any Filter

There are specific facts that every person should remember before maintaining their purifier’s filters. First, a person should always use materials that they should apply to the filters to clean them. It would be unwise for anyone to use the soap they apply while bathing for this purpose.

All cleaners have an instruction manual showing how to clean and maintain the filters. One must always follow the instructions and not do anything otherwise. One should also check the TDS levels of the water from their purifier.

Any sudden change in TDS levels, taste, or smell can indicate a filter problem. This can help a person know whether their filters need replacements. One must also never clean the filters in a hurry.

Lastly, one should also clean the exterior of their water purifier regularly. This can help them to prevent further problems in their filters because of impurities from outside.

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